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This 2 day course is specialised for training independent, contract or permanent Occupational Health Technicians/Professionals to perform safe earwax removal procedures within their area of expertise.

The course is carried out by industry leader Tyler Bennett – the director of BHHC and General Manager of 3 Hear4U audiology centres across the midlands. The purpose of this course is to train proficiency and a skillset that is in high demand and remove an obstacle that elongates the process of occupational health referrals unnecessarily.

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Mon – Fri 9:00am – 4:30pm (Ask for Samantha Bennett or Emma Grogan)


Trainer – Tyler-Jayne Bennett

Photograph of female professiona (Tyler-Jayne Bennett) looking at the camera in uniform

Tyler Bennett is a qualified and registered Hearing Aid Audiologist – also qualified to perform ear wax removal with water irrigation, microsuction and the latest technique of endoscopic microsuction. She is a qualified Tinnitus Counsellor and is the General Director of the Hear4U clinics in Leicestershire and Northamptonshire.


Training Days

April Dates

Training Session Dates : 26th -27th April 2021 ( SOLD OUT )

Location : 6 New Buildings Hinckley, LE10 1HW

Please Note : Free Lunches will be provided for both dates.

May Dates

Training Session Dates : 2oth-21st May 2021

Location : 6 New Buildings Hinckley, LE10 1HW

Please Note : Free Lunches will be provided for both dates.

June Dates

Dates awaiting to be confirmed


Training Programme

Day 1

This includes ½ day of theory :

Day 2

1 Full day of patients with ear wax problems. Every 45 minutes the training team practises otoscopy, microsuction, irrigation and instruments.


The course cost will also consist of all the equipment you require, which has been sourced at a lower price, with any replacement or new equipment sourced via our company :


The first day of the course will be run at our Headquarters in Hinckley, with day two down the road at our busiest hearing centre, where you will get hands-on experience with our expert team.

Hinckley Clinic image showing professional waiting room with two seats and a small table


We have sourced insurance at a competitive cost, which we can explain to you on the day of your training. However, if you have insurance as an independent, your insurer should support you with this new skill set you will be offering.

Leads for future work

Our EWRS website creates enquiries all over the UK for ear wax removal. We can allocate you an area and provide ear wax removal clients within these areas for you as part of our service.

Female audiologist performing earwax removal on patients with professional equipment in a clinical setting

We can link our diary system to yours and allocate work when you have availability without bothering you, therefore keeping you busy as and when you require work. We can also phone/text you to confirm when you can attend the client.

We can provide an electronic tablet with the necessary form for completion and signing off by the client once the work is performed. This ensures the client is satisfied and that you are protected by completing the necessary information.

EWRS pays £45 per ear wax removal at the client’s home. Should you have to reattend for a further visit if the wax cannot be removed the first time, then you will receive £20 until the job is complete.

Can I remove wax for myself?

If you have passed your course successfully you are able to provide this service.


The pricing of this course is £1950. This includes 2 days of training (Lunch provided) and all of the equipment mentioned above (Including the electronic tablet).

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Mon – Fri 9:00am – 4:30pm (Ask for Samantha Bennett or Emma Grogan)

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