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Do you think you have an ear infection?

You may need our professional Ear Swabbing service.

If you have any of the following symptoms, there is a high chance you have an ear infection:

An infection in the ear can last for several months if not treated correctly.

If you think you have an ear infection, book an appointment with us for a quick and effective ear swab. By having the swab completed privately with us you will:


How do you catch an ear infection?

An infection in the ear (also known as otitis externa or otitis media) can be painful and irritable, it can affect your outer ear and external auditory canal (the tube between your outer ear and your eardrum), your middle ear (behind the eardrum and the tube that connects your ear to your throat), and they can affect ANYONE!

There are several different ways to catch an infection and therefore several different infections you can have. A standard antibiotic will not work with a majority of these infections, which will result in the infection taking months to clear and several visits to the GP.

An ear infection is more likely to develop through several environments, for example:

All of the above provide an ideal environment in your ear for bacteria – and to a lesser degree, fungi – to grow!

Avoid increasing the risk of an ear infection

You can avoid increasing the risk of infection by avoiding certain products in or near your ears, such as:

And you are naturally more at risk if you suffer from the following:

Causes of an ear infection

There are several different causes of an ear infection, these can include:

How do you prevent an ear infection?

It’s not always possible to prevent infections, but you can reduce your risk of developing the condition.

If earwax build-up is a problem, have it removed by an Ear Wax Removal Specialist with us or our partners Hear4U.

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