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Hearing Aid Accessories Launch All-New App!

Ear Wax Removal Specialists are delighted to announce that our sister business division, Hearing Aid Accessories, have now launched their all-new, one-of-a-kind mobile app!

Hearing Aid Accessories’ app is the first designed to cater specifically to the deaf and hard of hearing community, and comes complete with a whole host of products that complement our ear wax removals. These include things like specialized ear lubricants such as Earol, as well as a huge variety of equipment.

In addition to its fantastic selection of gadgets, gizmos and useful tools, the HAA app showcases some great new features that can’t be found elsewhere, including:

10% OFF

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Want to get that big order sorted? Then the costs are on HAA! All purchases above £35 in the UK will be given free standard delivery.

Furthermore, if you’re in the UK, you can also enjoy free delivery across ALL products for launch week! Offer ends 11/5/22.


Delivery service is available everywhere! So, whether you’re on your holidays, living abroad or come from outside the UK, HAA will come to you. Simply enter your international delivery address and the very best in hearing health equipment will be on its way.


Wishlists have changed the way much of us choose to spend: put away the pen and paper! With Hearing Aid Accessories’ wishlists feature, you can compile a list of your favourite items and come back to it any time you feel the need to stock back up.


Shortly after creating your username and password, you will be given the option to use either face or touch ID (or neither if you prefer). With this brilliant feature you will never need to manually enter your details again. This also increases the level of security that your account has, protecting your saved passwords and card details.


If you turn notifications on, you can choose the option of tracking your order as soon as it has been placed. This means that you can be notified every step of the way – the ideal way to never miss a package!


What’s more, downloading the app couldn’t be any easier.

You can choose to download the app from either Google Play on or the App Store:

If you prefer, you can also just search ‘Hearing Aid Accessories’ in the appropriate app store on your mobile phone and the correct app should appear straightaway. Once downloaded, it’s yours to customize and make your own.



Hearing Aid Accessories App Coming Soon!

The Earwax Removal Specialists are in partnership with the online retailer, Hearing Aid Accessories, and we are so pleased to announce that they are launching their very own app, which will become live on all app stores come Deaf Awareness Week!

Deaf Awareness Week will be celebrated from the 2nd till 8th of May this year and is a time to promote the positive aspects of living with deafness, alongside encouraging social inclusion and raising awareness for charities and organisations that support those who are deaf.

Hearing Aid Accessories are the FIRST retailer in the world to create an app that sells hearing equipment and essentials, so for all those with hearing loss and in need of such necessities, you now know where to go! Get ready to embrace all that app will offer:


All your favourite hearing aids will be at your fingertips!

Imagine you are collecting your prescription, and suddenly remember that you need more domes. Say goodbye to making orders over the phone or having to wait till you get home to access your computer to make an online order – simply go onto the Hearing Aid Accessories app and make your order right away!

Or say you have gone to visit a friend for the week, and you go to unpack your bag and realise you have left your wax traps at home. It is plain and simple – access the app and order another pack straight to your friend’s house.

10% OFF

As a thank you for pre-registering and downloading the app, Hearing Aid Accessories will reward you with 10% off your first purchase. Simply enter the 10% off code at the checkout and save on your first app order.


Need to place a big order? Your standard UK delivery costs will be covered by them when you spend over £35!


Hearing Aid Accessories’ delivery service has no limits: they accept orders inside the UK and outside too!

Gone on holiday overseas? Forgotten spare hearing aid tubing? It happens! Place an order on the app but be sure to enter your international address for delivery instead of your home address. If you permanently live outside the UK, simply enter your international delivery address and they will jet your hearing aid accessories across the continent.


Wishlists have transformed the ways we spend. They give us more flexibility over when we choose to spend, what we want to spend on, and whether we want to spend at all.

They are ideal for when we are waiting until pay day, when we are sat on the fence, or cannot remember that second item we know we need. Fill up your Hearing Aid Accessories wish list until the time is right for you.


As soon as you have created your username and password for the app, you will be given the option to log in using face or touch ID. By using face/ touch ID, you will not have to manually enter your log in details each time you wish to access the app. Face and touch ID also provide increased security when it comes to saving passwords and storing card details. Did you know that by using face ID, your phone has a 1 in a million chance of being broken into?


The first time you log in, you will be given the choice to opt into app notifications. This will include the option to track your order as soon as it has been placed and right up until it reaches your doorstep.

Never lose sight of your hearing accessories!


This is a question that many of us will already know the answer to, but for the ones who don’t, it could not be simpler. Enter the app store on your mobile phone, and type “Hearing Aid Accessories” into the search button. The app will appear straight away (as the first on the market), and you will need to click download. As soon as the app has downloaded, it is yours to make your own.

The Hearing Aid Accessories app will be live on all app stores come Deaf Awareness Week so don’t forget to pre-register for early access and 10% off. Visit now!

Ear Microsuction

Unlike ear syringing, where water is used to flush the wax out without the use of a microscope, this method another method of ear wax removal using a microscope. The technique which is safe, comfortable and pain-free and can sometimes be more effective. With the Microsuction method, you don’t have to use olive oil prior to having the treatment, however, it may help but is not necessary.

Ear microsuction process

Like with all ear wax removal procedures, upon your arrival, you will be greeted and asked to fill in a questionnaire in relation to your ear health history and any medication you may be taking.
You may also be asked for your consent to send a letter to your GP advising them of any treatment carried out. Your ear care specialist will then invite you into the treatment room, they will first make sure you are comfortable and then will explain what the procedure entails.

Firstly, the specialist will begin to examine your ear using a microscope to deter the consistency and extent of the earwax.
A microscope is used which provides the ear care specialist with a clear and magnified view of the ear canal. During the procedure a medical suction devise is used to suck out the wax, a piece of equipment which is made of very thin still is placed onto the suction tube which allows the ear care specialist to gently suck the out the earwax from the ear canal using the low-pressure suction devise.

A video otoscope will be used to show you a clear image of before and after the treatment. Microsuction is a dry procedure, with no liquids/water being used or flushed into the ear there will be no mess during this procedure. This also reduces the risk of infection. Microsuction is pain-free and quick, it is totally comfortable, and the blockage can be removed in minutes, it is also safe for people who have a perforated eardrum
Microsuction is accepted across the medical profession as the safest and most comfortable method of ear wax removal, however, no treatment of ear wax removal is completely risk-free.

Ear microsuction risks

As with all medical procedures, there can be problems, generally though these problems are quite rare.
The risks are as follows:

Microsuction is still considered to be safe, comfortable and with little or no risk when undertaken by an experienced and qualified professional.


What happens after microsuction?

Once the treatment is completed, and the procedure is successful, you will be free to leave the clinic, the best way to look after your ears after the appointment is to try to not use cotton buds, scratch or poke your ears. The ear canal naturally cleans itself and when you fiddle with the ears you are more likely to cause them problems such as a build-up of wax or worse an ear infection.
To clean the outside of the ear, use a dry tissue or an alcohol-free baby wipe to wipe around and behind the ear after taking a shower or bath.

Another way to prevent a build-up of ear wax using olive oil drops at least once a month, this will help soften and break the wax apart making it easier for it to move out of the ear canal.
if the wax is cleared but you still feel your experiencing hearing difficulties, the ear care specialist may recommend booking you in for a hearing test to test your hearing.

Water Syringing

Many of you may have heard of the procedure Water Syringing, but the more modern term used now is Water Irrigation. Water Irrigation or syringing is a method of wax removal carried out by most Ear Care Specialists or clinicians usually using the Propulse water Irrigator. The Propulse Irrigator enables effective patient care, with adjustable water pressure providing safe water delivery.

Why would I need water syringing?

Inside of the ear is very sensitive, if you have a build-up of ear wax this can cause damage to the canal and eardrum which can affect your hearing. The ear irrigation method is a safe way to minimize the risk of damage to the ear, however, ear syringing is not safe for everyone. Individuals who have severe Otitis Externa, also known as swimmers’ ear and those with a history of eardrum surgery, middle ear disease or radiation therapy to the ear. Your ear care specialist will discuss with you a safer alternative of ear wax removal such as Microsuction or manual removal.

You will be advised to use olive oil at least 3 days prior to the appointment to try and soften the ear wax, failure to do this may mean the ear care specialist may not be able to remove the wax effectively and you will be asked to come back for a 2nd or 3rd appointment.


What happens if I need water syringing?

Before any ear care professional performs water irrigation, they will ask you a series of questions based on your medical history to deem whether the procedure will be safe to carry out. Once they have all your information, they will then shine a light into your ears with an Otoscope which magnifies the image to ensure that your symptoms are the result of excess wax build-up and not something more serious.

Once you have been asked a series of questions, the specialist will you take you into the treatment room to begin the procedure. Using the controlled pressurised flow of water, they will begin to remove the build-up of ear wax. Under the gentle force of the water, the ear wax is softened and washed out of the ear. It’s important to know that cold water should not be used, instead be a warm, tepid temperature.

Will water irrigation hurt?

Water Irrigation is totally comfortable, and, in many cases, the ear wax blockage is removed in minutes, most people do not suffer pain during the procedure and often recommend it to their friends and family.

Are there any side effects?

Like with most things you may experience some side effects from having the water irrigation method. These side effects are not typically serious, but they can be uncomfortable. Common side effects of ear irrigation can include the following:

The method of water syringing has come a long way, many GP surgeries unfortunately no longer offer this service, however, there are many Audiologists and Ear Care specialist up and down the country that are specialising in Water Irrigation and other methods of wax removal.

What are the benefits of water syringing?

The benefits of water irrigation over the microsuction method is, it tends to remove the majority of the wax leaving a clear image of the eardrum. You wouldn’t necessarily get this outcome with the Microsuction method or Manual Removal alone. However, sometimes both Water Irrigation and Microsuction are used together to attempt to clear the ear.


What aftercare is available?

You may experience some soreness after the procedure, this is extremely rare and can be due to the removal of large amounts of wax being removed. If you experience moderate to severe pain, this could be down to an undying infection, in this case, speak to your local pharmacist or make an appointment with your GP.

It is very important that you keep the ear dry for at least seven days after the procedure as you may be prone to infection, if you have a shower place some cotton wool into the ear and if you are a keen swimmer make sure to use earplugs.

If after having the procedure you find you are still struggling with your hearing, the ear care specialist will either advise on any medical issues detected and may provide a report for you to take to your GP or offer to book you in for a hearing test. 

Ear Wax Removal: How to keep your ears unblocked and safe

Earwax removal can be a pretty scary thing when it’s your first time. However, most people don’t realise that it’s very common. It’s so common in fact, that it’s the most likely reason for temporary hearing loss. No need to be embarrassed as you’re not the only one having problems with earwax. It’s natural for there to be a build up from time to time. Below are the two types of earwax removal you will come across with the advantages and disadvantages as well as how to protect your ears.



Microsuction is a newer form of earwax removal and the preferred option. Not only do you not need to soften the wax using olive oil or ear drops in most cases, it doesn’t leave the ear waterlogged after the procedure. In addition, it is less likely to cause an ear infection as can happen sometimes with irrigation. Microsuction earwax removal works by placing what might as well be a vacuum cleaner into the ear. This then sucks the earwax out. Some clinics will have camera on the end of the Microsuction device with a television screen so you can see the earwax as it’s being removed.


Water Irrigation

Irrigation involves pumping water into the ear and holding a pan on the neck of the patient till all the wax gets flushed out. The downside to irrigation is that you usually have to spend a couple of weeks softening the wax with olive oil or ear drops. If you’re looking to have the wax removed same day, irrigation isn’t convenient. Irrigation also leaves your ears vulnerable to infection as they can become waterlogged (otitis externa).